IPA Citra Enigma Idaho 7

MELT is a contemporary IPA generously hopped with Citra, Enigma and Idaho 7 hops. The aroma and flavour are described as having a lot of citrusy notes of tangerine, bergamot and grapefruit, tropical notes of mango, as well as delicate notes of red currant and white wine. Bitterness remains clean and mouthfeel juicy and smooth.


Hazy APA

PLUSH is a juicy, smooth, modern Hazy APA, double dry hopped and fermented with the London Fog yeast, which enhance the juiciness and fruity profile of the beer. In aroma and flavour you will find strong citrusy-tropical mix of grapefruit, lime, mango, melon and passion fruit, topped with moderate bitterness and high drinkability.



GEIST is a tart wheat beer with a distinctive but restrained salt and citrusy coriander character. Very refreshing, light, with a dry finish, and bright flavours. GEIST was created in collaboration with Freigeist Bierkultur, a brewery known for reviving many interesting, historical styles of beer.


IPA Mosaic Talus

GORDITO is a hazy, generously hopped and smooth modern IPA. The use of Mosaic and Talus hop varieties brought a lot of citrus and tropical notes of grapefruit, peach, mango with hints of coconut, wood and pine, more of which you will find in the flavour. Finish is juicy sweet with a pleasant, moderate bitterness.

Fave Rave


FAVE RAVE is a boldly sour, vividly fruity beer, soured by selected strains of lactic acid bacteria and enriched with the addition of several hundred litres of blackcurrant, red grape and cherry juice. It is a crisp, sour, aromatic fruity refreshment!


Elderflower Saison

ELDER is a light saison with the addition of fresh elderflower, the aroma of which merges with delicate, breezy hop notes of resin, spice and citrus. The fruity and spicy flavour is supported by soft malty notes. Dry, with moderate but clear bitterness.


Double IPA Mango Guava

EMERALD is a Double IPA enriched with tropical fruit. Natural citrusy and tropical notes of new wave hops are complemented by the aroma and flavour of mango and guava added to the beer. The fruity juiciness and drinkability of the beer is enhanced by moderate bitterness and smooth body.



HEADBANGER is a strong and distinctive Imperial IPA with a pleasant malty backbone, and a blend of best American hops that pack a solid punch of aroma, flavour and bitterness.


Double IPA Citra Styrian Wolf

RICOCHET is an intensely hopped modern Double IPA. The aroma and flavour are a strong fruity mix of citrus and tropical fruits with notes of mango, grapefruit, lime, lemon supported by a hint of lemongrass, strawberry and flowers. Moderate, but distinct bitterness and smooth body enhance the juiciness and drinkability of this beer.


Rondo Barrel Aged Saison

Saison aged in Rondo dry red wine barrels from Polish Winnica Moderna winery in Wzgórza Trzebnickie region. Collaboration brew with Winnica Moderna winery and Centrala Piwna beer and wine distributor.



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Since 2014, Kingpin continues to be one of the most recognizable craft beer brands in Poland, appreciated among craft beer fans for high-quality, creative, character-filled beers, brewed only from natural ingredients, in an innovative way, but with respect to brewing traditions and technologies, and using artisanal production methods.
Our regular offer includes many beers that have become a permanent element of the Polish craft beer scene. In addition to new wave beers in popular styles, we are also developing an offer of everyday beers for beer lovers looking for a well-brewed, solid classic.

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