Trigger Happy

Double IPA El Dorado Azacca

TRIGGER HAPPY is a lavishly hopped contemporary Double IPA. You will find notes of tropical fruits, pineapple, mango, a touch of tangerine and a resinous back note both in aroma and flavour. Moderate, but distinct bitterness and smooth body enhance the juiciness and treacherous drinkability of this beer.

Golden Ale

Golden Ale

Golden Ale is a classic, light, everyday beer with a distinctly hoppy character. The fruity, citrusy and tropical notes of the hop varieties used enhance the refreshing quality of beer and make it a great companion for every occasion.

Full Speed or Nothing

IPA Cashmere Sultana

FULL SPEED OR NOTHING is a contemporary American style IPA generously hopped for aroma and flavour with Cashmere and Sultana hops. The aroma is described as having a lot of citrusy notes of sweet lemon, lime, lemon peel and grapefruit, as well as tropical notes of pineapple, melon or even coconut, more of which you will find in the flavour. Bitterness remains distinct, but clean and mouthfeel juicy and smooth.


Witbier with grilled lemons and guava

Lunatic is a light and refreshing Witbier. We boosted its wheat smoothness and zesty flavor with the sweetness of patiently grilled, slightly caramelized lemons and the vibrant tang of guavas. Pleasantly crisp and slightly astringent, this beer is a great choice for a warm day.


New England IPA

MAESTRO is a new wave New England IPA with creamy and smooth mouthfeel combined with clear hop aroma and flavor and pleasant bitterness. Double dry hopping brings fruity juiciness and the whole makes for a pleasant, refreshing sensation.



Stigma is a saison with prominent aroma of ripe stone fruits, herbal aroma of clove and white pepper and notes of noble hops. The fruity and spicy flavour is supported by soft malty notes. Dry, with moderate but clear bitterness.



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Team Kingpin

To us, beer is like rock’n’roll – a perfect mixture of solid craftsmanship with a healthy dose of madness. We step outside the rigid framework of styles, and take chances with unusual ingredients and unique brewing processes. For beer lovers, our beers have earned a reputation for their distinctive and breakthrough taste. At Kingpin, we are all mavericks and trail blazers. We crush clichés and break the rules. We brew our beers for those who, like us, are hungry for new flavors and enjoy stepping out of the box.
Because Kingpin hates correctness.

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