Mango Rising

This year, instead of celebrating we spent May 1st on brewing 😉 And it’s not just anywhere, but in one of the best craft breweries in France – La Débauche in Angoulême.

Now we are happy to present the effect of our collaboration brewing with La Débauche team – MANGO RISING Hoppy Sour Ale with mango and tabasco, which is also available in Poland both in kegs and bottles.

The label was once again illustrated by Patryk Hardziej and, as always, it hits the bullseye! 🙂

Cherokee Blues

Cherokee Blues returns in yet another, equally great batch!

Our American IPA from the KINGPIN STORIES line is a classic representative of the flagship style of the craft beer revolution. It is a hoppy and bitter beer with an intense aroma of American hop varieties, which together with the malty backbone give a balanced taste and a pleasant, fresh finish.

Make sure to check it out!


We did it! We brewed the very first lager in our history 🙂

We are pleased to present you our first bottom-fermented beer – honestly brewed, neatly hopped, long aged unfiltered lager. 100% pilsner malt in malt bill, all-American hopping, twelve weeks in the cellar. It’s aromatic, refreshing and very tasty 🙂

INTERGALACTIC is our next proposal in the KINGPIN STORIES line, and it is Patryk Hardziej again who has designed this fantastic label for us.


Your favourite pig is back in the next incarnation!

You met Alphonse pre-release at the Warsaw Beer Festival. Now the beer goes into kegs and bottles and moves on to the pubs and shops.

Alphonse is our interpretation of Grisette, a somewhat forgotten Belgian beer style. Grisette is a light, daily saison, traditionally brewed with wheat. While preserving the fruity-spicy characteristic of saison, the beer is lightly hopped and refreshing, complemented by aromatic chamomile flowers, which makes it perfect for spring and summer warm days.

Alphonse – the taste of spring and summer!


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About us

To us, beer is like rock’n’roll – a perfect mixture of solid craftsmanship with a healthy dose of madness. We step outside the rigid framework of styles, and take chances with unusual ingredients and unique brewing processes. For beer lovers, our beers have earned a reputation for their distinctive and breakthrough taste. At Kingpin, we are all mavericks and trail blazers. We crush clichés and break the rules. We brew our beers for those who, like us, are hungry for new flavors and enjoy stepping out of the box.
Because Kingpin hates correctness.

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